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Thursday, Nov 23, 2017

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Articles/Written Work Published On Other Sites:


NJ Voices

You can see my article on, a division of (The Star Ledger's online site) - "Barriers to Mental Health Treatment in N.J.'s South Asian Community"

Here is a direct link to the article.

SAY Campaign

Please click here for the main page - my article is listed first under the "Pages" list on the right.

Click here for the direct link.

Nazar Online (A South Asian Perspective)

My article can be found on as the first Featured Article on the top right!

Otherwise you can click through this direct link to get right to it ...

Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (APAP)

Please click here to see my article on their website.


Sikh Chic

Please visit to read my article ("Mental Health ... is a Health Issue")


Reactions from readers:

"Your article was exceptional. People from non-western cultures must find it very difficult to openly discuss possible mental health issues. Hope to see your message spread." - P. S.

"Well done article on sikhchic.  I sifted through your website and it's great to see your efforts in helping our community.  My wife and I ... have seen first hand undiagnosed mental disorders among patients.  These people will probably never be diagnosed and thus not receive treatment secondary to the associated stigma and/or lack of knowledge among the patient's support system knowing that such a condition is defined as a disease and can potentially be treated ... We are from Toronto (a very large South Asian population) ... I'm sure you can do a lot of [service] here." - S. S. C.

"I think your article on SikhChic was amazing.  As a child I always wanted to get into this field and am currently majoring in psychology . . . I am glad you highlighted how important these issues are in our community because many times they go unnoticed . . . growing [up,] . . . We usually thought of the person as having a weak mind, but these people seriously need help . . . I just wanted to thank you for the article it was a real inspiration." - I. S.


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